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General school repairs

The company first passed the ISO 9001 quality assessment in 1992, and since 1993 has continuously improved maintenance technology, participated in various trainings and expanded maintenance equipment at home and abroad.

Repair/correction method

The inspection/maintenance/calibration of all instruments is completed by our company's professional engineers certified by the original factory. In order to save the transit time and maintenance costs, it is recommended that you send the repaired products directly to our company for maintenance and correction; or directly instruct our company to arrange for the freight to be picked up at the government; or directly bring the repaired products to our company for inspection, correction or valuation.

* Special reminder: Please list the accessories in the instrument in a [detailed list] when sending the instrument. After we receive and confirm, we will sign it and send it back to you.

Repair price

All the items to be repaired will be faxed to you after checking and estimating the estimate. The repair will only start after you agree. If you do not agree to the repair, we will send the instrument within 24 hours after receiving your fax reply. Assemble recovery and return the instrument.

(After the inspection, if it is decided not to repair, the inspection and assembly wages will be charged accordingly).

For correction fees, please call: 04-23011000 #23.


. ISO 9001 certificate.

Repair/correction schedule

Generally, the repair and correction will be sent back the next day after receipt. In case of special circumstances, it will be notified in advance when quoting.

Instrument Calibration Period Recommendations


. SOKKIA original factory authorized maintenance ability certificate

. GPS, calibrated once a year.
. The total station is calibrated every six months.
. One-second precision total station, calibrated every three months.
. Total stations used on construction sites with severe vibrations are calibrated every three months.
. The level is calibrated every six months.
. Seek the heart base and calibrate it once a year.

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