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Our efforts have never stopped. We welcome you to continue to guide us on the purpose of "solving problems for customers".

Meridware was established in 1983 (1994 AD), mainly selling various instruments and related software in the professional field of measurement, providing customers with all-round solutions in the field of measurement. What we provide is not just product sales, we will tell you how to use it and how to apply it in your work; in another way: tell us your work content, we will recommend to you the most advanced products and methods of the era, and at the same time do to technology transfer.
Our product range covers 3D laser scanners, historical site scanning, 3D real point cloud measurement at criminal scene, industrial level (micron level 10-6m) precision measurement, MRT micro-change monitoring (variant monitoring), traditional measurement, engineering measurement, Satellite positioning survey, river and sea bathymetry, hardware maintenance, software development, etc.; customers are distributed in surveying, construction, machinery, civil engineering, river and sea engineering, water, electricity, agriculture, forestry, mining, oil, gas, communications, public and private Schools, governments at all levels...and other industries; there are distribution bases all over Taiwan. When the accumulated sales of various types of instruments over the years have reached a considerable number, I feel the service responsibility to customers and hope to provide customers with better service quality. The company passed the ISO 9001 quality evaluation in 1992, and then in the Republic of China. Since 1993, we have continuously improved maintenance technology, participated in various trainings and expanded maintenance equipment at home and abroad.

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Original factory authorized official repair center

We provide the most complete service quality, worthy of your peace of mind: our company is NovAtel's designated agent in Taiwan, responsible for sales, from product hardware and software services, to warranty and maintenance and education and training. The company has a customer service department, and has several professional engineers who have passed the original factory training and have professional certificates; and regularly participate in various professional training courses at home and abroad. There is a maintenance and calibration laboratory that meets the same level as the original laboratory. All equipment has been certified by the Industrial Technology Research Institute to ensure that your complete after-sales service rights are maintained.



本公司先於民國92年通過ISO 9001品質評鑑,再於民國93年起不斷提升維修技術,於國內外參與各項訓練及擴充維修設備


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