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‧ High order ground antenna ‧ TA-5 vertical salient dipole antenna element for full-band GNSS signal reception ‧ Topcon designed choke coil ground plane ‧ Environmentally friendly and hermetically sealed ‧ Improved vertical phase center stability over extended GNSS frequency bands

Topcon CR-G5 Geodetic Grade GNSS Choke Antenna

  • High Precision GNSS Choke Antenna Designed for All CORS Environments <br> If you are building a new CORS network or upgrading an existing service, the CR-G5 is the perfect antenna for all high precision 24/7 GNSS signal reception needs.

    Build a network you can trust

    Using vertically salient dipole arrays, we designed the CR-G5 full choke coil antenna for high precision network applications based on our TA-5 full spectrum GNSS elements.

    By providing full-wave tracking technology for existing and future GNSS signals including Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS, the CR-G5 meets the changing needs of reference network and infrastructure monitoring applications.

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