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‧ MEMS gyroscope and MEMS accelerometer ‧ 200 Hz data rate ‧ 10-34 VDC power input ‧ SPAN INS function ‧ Fully commercialized MEMS IMU
‧Continuously stable positioning ‧Easy integration with NovAtel's OEM6® and OEM7 series GNSS+INS receivers Ideal for aerial and hydrographic surveying and industrial applications

NovAtel SPAN μ-IMU-IC separate (high-order) inertial satellite locator

  • The µIMU-IC utilizes Northrop Grumman Litef GmbH's proven inertial measurement technology, which provides excellent performance when used with NovAtel's Synchronized Position, Attitude and Navigation (SPAN) receivers. The µIMU interfaces with NovAtel's OEM6® and OEM7 receivers through a highly reliable IMU interface. The SPAN receiver uses IMU measurements to compute hybrid GNSS+INS position, velocity and attitude solutions up to 200 Hz.

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