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‧ Instant position and attitude - faster IMU calibration ‧ Longer accuracy in GNSS blackout ‧ Track and hold more satellites for continuous solution ‧ Higher resolution application dynamics ‧ Proven Automotive Accuracy ‧ Dual Antenna with IMU ‧ Differential Distance Meter (DMI) input via CAN
‧ High Sensitivity ‧ 50Hz Attitude ‧ Mass Affordability

NovAtel PIM222A module_Inertial satellite locator module

  • Built with automotive-compliant hardware in an easy-to-integrate package, the PIM222A leverages NovAtel's SPAN technology to provide accurate location data in environments that challenge GNSS availability.

    This welding module provides precise GNSS positioning for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, leveraging NovAtel's positioning expertise in on- and off-road applications.

    The lightweight, energy-efficient design can be applied to low, medium and high volumes while retaining a wealth of features, including options such as multi-frequency, multi-constellation, RTK and dual-antenna precision.

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