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‧ 181 channels, support GPS, BEIDOU, GLONASS, Galileo full-band signal reception ‧ Support TerraStar correction service, multi-channel L-Band broadband signal reception ‧ Small size, low power consumption, light weight ‧ Up to 20Hz data update rate SPAN GNSS+INS inertial satellite positioning technology ‧ Support ALIGN, RAIM, GLIDE, STEADYLINE and other patented technologies ‧ Rich communication interfaces (LVCMOS, USB, SPI, CAN)

NovAtel OEM7500 All Galaxy Multiband Compact Module

  • OEM7500 adopts single-sided device SMD chip package design, which replaces the installation method of connectors. It adopts the smallest size of OEM7 series, compact appearance design, new hardware platform, rich interfaces, higher CP value, and provides users with centimeters. Level differential positioning or TerraStar satellite differential signal service, support ALIGN, RAIM, GLIDE, STEADYLINE and other patented technologies.

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