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‧ 555 tracking channels, support system-wide multi-frequency direction finding and positioning solution ‧ Rich communication interfaces (serial port, USB, CAN, Ethernet)
‧Advanced visual interference suppression technology ‧Easy integration, small size, 20g high anti-vibration performance ‧Support RTK, GLIDE and STEADYLINE® function options ‧Support SPAN GNSS+INS integrated navigation technology

NovAtel OEM718D

  • OEM718採用555 通道設計, 支援全星系全頻段信號接收。小尺寸外型設計、全新硬件平台、高抗干擾,支援雙天線輸入, 位用戶提供厘米級差分定位和高精度航向測量,低功耗、重量輕、靈活的連接埠等特點,尤其適合各領域集成應用。

  • 由於此產品為高階產品,如須購買請 點擊頁面最上方「聯絡我們」並留下訊息,我們將盡快與您聯繫。

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