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• Designed for easy pipe installation and setup • Ideal for surveying and timing applications • Multi-frequency GNSS coverage for accuracy • Multi-frequency, multi-constellation, precise positioning and timing • Available in passive or active (amplified) configurations input DC power supply • Connector options available • Multi-color options

Antcom G5Ant-53A4T1 Antenna Tray (5.0" (12.6cm))

  • The G5Ant-53XXX product family is a multi-frequency antenna for securing Global Navigation Satellite Signal (GNSS) signal reception. This Antcom "G5" antenna operates in five frequency bands and supports GPS L1, L2, GLONASS L1, L2 and L bands. This product is designed for measurement and precise timing for applications such as plumbing installations. This product line is available in passive and active (amplified) configurations. Active configuration provides 2-stage integrated bandpass filter rejection and limiting diodes for high out-of-band to protect sensitive receiver electronics. The passive configuration is best for applications where the antenna is close to the GNSS receiver. This provides the lowest insertion loss and minimizes the noise figure of the system.

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