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• Easy to integrate and test with FRPA package, magnetic mount antenna • Quad constellation coverage for upper and lower bands ensures GNSS reception • L-band support for correction services for high GNSS accuracy • GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou and L-band reception • Has through holes Mounted FRPA package • Embedded magnets for magnetic mounting • Available in passive or active (amplified) configurations • Active configuration available with 2-stage integration with universal diode limiter filtering • Connector options available • Multi-color options available

Antcom G5Ant-3AMT1 Antenna Tray (3.5" (8.9cm)

  • The G5Ant-3XXX is a multi-frequency antenna Global Navigation Satellite Signal (GNSS) signal receiver.
    The G5 antenna operates on five frequency bands and includes support for GLONASS L1, GPS L1 and EI Galileo, L-Band plus E6 Galileo and B1 BeiDou, L2 GLONASS and L2 GPS plus B2 BeiDou. This product line is designed for a standard Fixed Receive Mode Antenna (FRPA) installation footprint and includes mounting to its magnet recessed base plate for easy installation and testing. This product line is available in passive and active (amplified) configurations. The active configuration provides 2-stage integrated bandpass filtering for high out-of-band rejection and clipping diodes to protect sensitive receiver electronics. This passive configuration is best for applications where the antenna is close to the GNSS receiver and provides the lowest insertion loss to minimize your noise figure system.

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