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• 堅固的 GPS L1 天線
• 緊湊型外殼,適用於具有尺寸重量的應用要求
• 許多標準選項可用,並且特殊需求可另外訂製
• 支持 M 碼的 GPS L1
• 提供被動或主動(放大)配置
• 有源配置提供 2 級集成帶通用二極管限幅器過濾
• 提供連接器選項
• 多色可選

Antcom 2G15A-XTB-1 Antenna Tray (2.6" (6.6cm), L1, GPS Single Frequency)

  • The 2G15X-XX-X product family uses the Positioning System (GPS) signal reception band in the global L1. This antenna is housed in a small, circular housing for easy integration into new and existing platforms. Rugged housings can withstand harsh environmental conditions found in military, aerospace and other applications. Antcom can customize this product line to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us for more information on custom options.

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