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RTK-Asist(RTKA, RTK加持) 的功能升級:

RTK ASSIST 和 RTK ASSIST PRO 是兩個RTK差分訊號中斷時的填補服務。 此服務透過TerraStar衛星以L波段廣播,地面上移動站儀器則以L波段接收,完成差分定位。

從現在開始,此服務新增了透過 NTRIP 連線進行網際網路傳輸,與 TerraStar 其它所有服務相同。

用戶可由網路 IP 傳輸作為 L 頻段傳輸方法進行饋送。


Novatel have made some improvements to our RTK Assist/RTK Assist Pro subscription.

RTK Assist Changes:

Previously, RTK ASSIST and RTK ASSIST PRO subscription activations and correction data were delivered over L-Band satellite only. Now, these services support internet delivery via an NTRIP connection, similar to our other TerraStar services.

For internet-connected users, there is increasing interest in using IP delivery as a redundant feed to the L-Band delivery method.

RTKA and RTKA PRO are used to bridge through RTK correction outages and can be used to reduce the impacts of scintillation for RTK users. 
Many RTK users are already set up with an internet connection, and so it is a seamless addition to include RTK ASSIST products in their configuration.


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