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‧ Economical ‧ No ITAR IMU
‧ Low noise commercial grade gyroscope and accelerometer ‧ Small size and light weight ‧ 125 Hz data rate ‧ Direct SPI interface to OEM7 receiver ‧ SPAN INS function

NovAtel EG320N Gyroscope

  • The EG320N is Epson's Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) IMU. It features a low-noise gyroscope and accelerometer in a small and lightweight housing. The EG320N provides precise measurements in a very small form factor for applications requiring low cost, high performance and ruggedness. When integrated with NovAtel's SPAN technology, this IMU is ideal for size-constrained applications that require accurate 3D position, velocity, and attitude data.

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